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How to create, purchase, and gift NFT cards:
Welcome to Cruzo.Cards - a unique Web3 platform and NFT marketplace that allows you to create and send NFT cards to virtual and real friends! This website is based on blockchain technology, making it especially reliable and secure for all users.
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In this guide, we will explain in detail how to use the Cruzo.Cards website. We will start with how to install and connect a wallet to the website, as well as where to purchase cryptocurrency to buy cards.
Cruzo.Cards have several main sections that you can find in the menu. We will explain how to use these sections and how to create NFT cards and collections. You will also learn about the actions that can be performed with NFTs.
In addition, we will provide you with some general information about blockchain technology, NFTs, and crypto wallets, as well as explain the rules and terms of use of the Cruzo.Cards website. We will also describe prohibited content and explain what you can expect from our site.
We are confident that after reading this guide, you will be fully prepared to use the Cruzo.Cards website and enjoy all of its possibilities!

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Before using the Cruzo.Cards platform and to avoid any disputes, misunderstandings, or conflicts of interest, please familiarize yourself with:
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