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How to install and connect a wallet

To start using our platform, you need to connect your personal Metamask Wallet.
Good to know:
Metamask is a crypto wallet, which allows you to receive, send and store cryptocurrencies. The program works as an extension in your browser. Like with other wallets, all information about transactions is securely stored in the blockchain.
Installation of the wallet is very easy - you don't need any specific knowledge.
1. In the upper right corner of click the Connect button.
2. A window will open, where you will be offered to connect to your wallet.
3. Since we don't have a wallet yet, we scroll to the end of the window and click "Create wallet".
4. Here you will be offered to download the Metamask extension for your browser (keep in mind that Opera is not supported). In addition, there are extensions for iOS and Android - if you will be using the wallet from a mobile device.
5. After downloading and installing the extension, follow the further instructions.
6. In the welcome window, click the "Get Started" button. A curious fox will follow every movement of the mouse.
7. Then you get acquainted with the terms and if you agree, click "I agree".
8. After that, two options will appear: "Import Wallet" and "Create Wallet". Since we do not have a wallet yet, we choose "Create a wallet.
9. Now you need to come up with a password. It must be quite complex because in this wallet your cryptocurrency will be stored.
10. After creating your password you will need to use a secret phrase - this is a key that will help you restore your wallet in case you lose access to it, open it with a new browser, or reinstall the system. The secret key cannot be recovered - it is important to write it down or copy it to a safe place. First, watch the embedded video that explains the secret phrase.
11. Click "Next." A window will open with a gray box and an image of a lock. Click on the lock to see the secret phrase. Copy it and save it in a suitable place.
12. Click "Next" again. A new window will ask you to assemble the sequence of the secret phrase by clicking on the words from it in the right order.
13. If you do everything correctly, the "Confirm" button will activate. If you make a mistake, you won't be able to click on it - check the word order again. When you find the mistake, pull the word and put it in the right place.
14. Click the Confirm button. A window will open with instructions and an "All Done" button.
15. Click that button. That's it, you are in your wallet! Now there is 0ETH, i.e. no money. But you hang in there - because soon you'll know how to top up your wallet and where to get some cryptocurrency for cards!
Good to know:
The acronym "ETH" - "Ethereum" - is the cryptocurrency and network for which Metamask was originally developed, it is available by default.
You can also add other networks to your wallet: Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, and others. You can switch between networks in the drop-down menu. To do it click on the Main Ethereum Network button at the top of the window and select the wished network.