🛒NFT Marketplace

Live on Testnet

Welcome to Beta testing!

We are happy to announce we have got our NFT Marketplace working on Ethereum and Polygon testnet, and before we launch on mainnet, we would want our community to help test the platform.

We would appreciate it if you would join our Discord or Telegram group and share your feedback with us so that we can be able to improve our product even further.

NOTE: Some functionalities are missing like Auctions, Royalties... We wanted to have basic functionality ready to test as soon as possible.

Currently, you will be able to:

  • Create NFT (upload jpg, png, gif, or mp4)

  • Sell NFT (put on sales)

  • Buy NFTs minted by other Creators

  • Create your Profile, add a name and description, social links, etc.

  • Create your own NFT Collection (smart contract)

  • Remove a particular NFT from sale and/or Burn it

  • Reopen sale for the particular NFT

  • Gift (transfer) your own or purchased NFT to the recipient's wallet

  • See the original creator and current owner of the NFT if someone buys your work

  • Explore Collections and NFTs

Before we start let's make sure you have everything you need:

  1. Download Metamask (mobile/desktop) or use existing

  2. Visit Goerli Faucet website to get a test cryptocurrency

  3. Paste your Metamask wallet address and get some free ETH

  4. Connect to our dApp Beta with your Metamask

  5. Enjoy testing

Please be sure that you are interacting with: https://beta.cruzo.cards

Good luck and happy testing!

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