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Viewing and Editing Collections

How can I view my collection?

  • Click on the human icon in the top right corner of the site (if you've uploaded an avatar, your image will be there).
  • Select the Profile menu item.
  • In the personal profile that opens, click the Collections tab.
  • Click on the corresponding collection.
On the collection page, you will see the header and the cover art, if you uploaded them at the time of collection creation. Below that will be who the author is and the unique address of the collection, as well as which blockchain system it was created on.
Below you can see a description as well as statistical information, in particular:
  • Highest purchase price;
  • Lowest initial price;
  • Number of NFTs;
  • Number of owners;
  • Total income from the entire collection.

How to edit collection?

Below the statistical information is the Edit Collection button. By clicking on it, you can change the avatar, cover art, description, URL, and add or change the website and social media links.

Tabbed bar


This tab shows the cards that you've added to the collection.


Activity shows interacting with the collection. You can also bookmark or report this collection.
Also there are sorting and filter bars that help you organize the NFTs in the collection so you can find the cards you want.
And the last thing there are cards themselves. Choose postcards that will bring joy to you and your dear people!