Profile Settings

Your profile is your personal office, your own area. You can do whatever you want here. We've arranged everything to make it the most convenient for you.
To get to your profile, you need to click on the human icon in the upper right corner of the site. A pop-up menu will open, which will redirect you to your profile. When you upload your avatar, the image will be displayed instead of the human icon.

Functionality of the personal account

Now let's explore the functionality. Let's start from the bottom to the top.
Firstly, the avatar and the cover of your profile come. These elements add uniqueness and authenticity to your space. This is especially crucial if you are a postcard creator because both the avatars and the cover design can influence visitors’ decisions to buy your NFTs.
Next is the ID address of your wallet with the icon of the blockchain network which is available, preceded by Edit Profile button.
If you click on it, you can edit your personal account information such as:
  • Change the avatar and the cover.
  • Change the information about the user and the name.
  • Write short information about yourself.
  • Choose a personal URL for your page.
  • Attach email, add your website, and social media for contact.
After this button in your profile will be a block with four tabs:


Here will be all postcards that you have made;

On Sale

There will be all postcards that you possess and sell — the ones that you created and the ones that were given. Whether they are for sale or not;


This tab will display all cards that are yours. Whether it is purchased, created, or given as a gift. Despite whether they are for sale or not;


Here will be displayed all collections that you have created.
Tapping on every tab opens a relevant section with postcards. In each of them except your collections, there is a filter and sorting line that will help you navigate amongst your NFTs.
Specifically, in a profile, you can perform actions with your NFTs.