Where you can get cryptocurrency to buy cards

And now we will cover a vital question - where does cryptocurrency come from and how to put it into your wallet?

Find your wallet number

At the top of the wallet window, you will see the word Account 1 and below the sequence of numbers. Click on the sequence, and it will be copied to the clipboard. These numbers are the unique number of your wallet. Using this number, you can receive or send cryptocurrency, and buy or give postcards. It looks like this:
Before you top up your account with any tokens, you need to make sure that your wallet contains coins from the network in which the transactions will take place. For example, for the Ethereum Mainnet network it is ETH, for the Binance Smart Chain network it is BNB, for the Polygon network it is MATIC. Ethereum network tokens are available by default. To add a new token, click the "Add Token" button.

How to buy a token?

There are several ways to buy tokens, we will show using ETH as an example:
  1. 1.
    You can top up your wallet through an exchange service.
  2. 2.
    Buy Ethereum directly in the Metamask wallet.
  3. 3.
    Buy it on the exchange and transfer it to your wallet.
  4. 4.
    Transfer from another address.

1. Deposit the wallet through the exchange service.

There are two types of such services:
  • P2P-service: individuals transfer to individuals. An example of such an exchanger:
  • The second option is a separate service that sets its own rate. Here you will need to find an option that suits you and that you can trust. For example:
For the Russian Federation, one of the largest aggregators of exchangers is the site:
In the aggregator, you need to select the currency you want to buy. Then you should find the seller with the appropriate rate and payment method, and go to the exchanger's site and make the transaction.

2. Buy Ethereum in the Metamask wallet

Click the "Buy" button on the main Metamask Wallet window. There will be a window with the options to choose and buy cryptocurrency. Choose the service, which will be suitable for you (different ways differ in rate, commissions, and payment methods).

3. Cryptocurrency exchange.

This is the best solution for buying coins. Exchanges usually have a good value of tokens and you can use bank cards. One of the most famous and largest exchanges is Binance, link:

4. Transfer from another address.

Your friend can transfer funds to you. To do this, all you need to do is to send them your wallet number. When they have made the transaction, in a few minutes the currency will be in your wallet, and you can start purchases.