Acquaintance with website menu

Let us start with the menu, which is placed at the top part of the webpage. So we will tell you a little about each element.


On the left side, you can see a bright Cruzo logo. We were inspired by the colors of fireworks and confetti, because we would like to have a celebrating mood even in our logo. It does not matter at what page you are now, an action of tapping on the logo will return you to the Main page.
The next is a search bar. Here you can find what you are interested in like a card, an NFT collection, the author, or an event just by typing the name or the keywords. (We will let you out a secret: if you try to type word "random", the search will show you a random greeting card with kind words, that are not associated with any holiday. So if you like surprises, it will definitely evoke your emotions!)


The next section is Explore. Click on it and you will see a pop-up menu with buttons.

All NFTs

In this section you can see all NFTs that are uploaded on our site. To find what you are looking for, you need a search bar, filters, and a sorting. (Put links on relevant parts). Or you can just scroll different cards and enjoy the works.


Here you have the opportunity to check upright greeting cards, which are really convenient to share on social media. Owing to this, that lucky person, who receives a postcard, will have a chance to tell everyone about their emotions and boast about your present.


If you prefer various formats, then you should visit this section. Here you can find any kind of postcard of odds and ends. Diversity will pleasantly surprise you!


You can search for postcards not only by individual cards. Explore whole collections united with common features and themes. For search convenience, we provide a sorting option.


This section will allow to search among creators. Find makers whose style of work you like the most. Benchmark their profiles to come back to them later and discover about new collections.

Header elements


The next element in the header element is About. Click on it and you will be redirected to the site, where we will tell you about our project in details. There you can enrich your knowledge about unique sites' functions, which differs us from other cryptomarketplaces, know about future development prospects.


In the Stats section you can see the activity of members of the Cruzo project: how many users has joined us, and how many postcards were created and sold.


Cruzo is not just only about a marketplace, Cruzo is about people who create and support. Learn more about our community in the Community section.

Report a bug

If you found any error on our website, something doesn't work properly or you have a question, that is not described, therefore click on the Question icon in the menu. There will be a pop-up support window, where you can report a problem and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Connect and Upload buttons

So the two significant buttons that are left are Upload and Connect.
Tapping on the Upload button you can load your image and convert it to NFT, otherwise to mint. This process will be discussed a little bit later.
Button Connect allows synchronizing your crypto wallet. It replaces signing in on the website and let you do NFT postcards, and simultaneously purchase and trade them. Via this button, you can enter the site, log in to your profile, see purchased items, and much more.
Meanwhile, we suggest you to get familiar with the main page.


Under the heading that shows our slogan and mission, you can see a cloud with the tags - here you can see events and upcoming celebrations according to tag. Just click on a tag and you will be able to see all greeting cards on the tapped theme.