How to buy an NFT postcard on Marketplace?

How can we start?

Good to know:

If you liked the card, you can support the author with likes, here is a benchmark button to save this postcard, and also there is an opportunity to share a link to this card on social media or using messengers (if you would like to consult with someone).
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    Firstly you need to find a postcard, which will make you smile. You can do it on the Main page in an appropriate section Stories and Cards via search, tags, suggested collections, or Top Creators. Click on the greeting card to open the window of opened item.
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    In the opened window all stats of the card are specified like name, amount of duplicates, creator, name of the collection, price, and what blockchain was used.
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    A little bit below the image there is a description, and tags of this postcard. On the right side are details of the token. In the lower right corner there are links on services for checking the authenticity of postcards — click on them to make sure that the token belongs to the specified owner in the card.
All these data — the picture, the description, and the information about the token called Metadata. A peculiarity of NFT minting is that token in a blockchain and the data regarding it are stored in different places. So sometimes a token that is already uploaded and opened on the website, but there is still no information.
In these cases, some parts of text can't be visible or the image can be opened not completely. To load all elements, try a "Refresh metadata" button. It was developed especially for uniting all information about the token in one place. Press on it and refresh the page. After these steps, everything should work correctly.

Buy and Gift

So we have got to the main part — the huge button "Buy and Gift".
After clicking on it there will be a window with a request to connect your crypto wallet, in our case — Metamask. If you still do not have it, you can create it with the official guide. If you have a crypto wallet, the Metamask window will pop up, where you should click the "Sign" button. After that, you will be able to choose postcards for purchase.
Also, there is a switcher - "Gift". If you are already ready to send a postcard to the dear person, then tap on the switcher. A field will open for entering the wallet address where the postcard will be sent after purchase. Make sure all the characters are entered correctly.
If you would like to buy a postcard now, but want to please your close person later or on a specific date, then leave the "Gift" switcher inactive.
The next thing that will be seen in this pop-up is the amount of your currency, the price for one postcard, and also the total price for all copies if you would like to acquire duplicates. Depending on which number you choose in the field "Amount", the total price will differ. Make sure that you have enough amount of currency on your account to acquire a card. After this press on Buy.
What an exciting feeling it is to wait a purchase that will bring joy to you or your friends! A few seconds after you click the button, Metamask will open and you will need to confirm the transaction, swipe your wallet window down and click the appropriate button.

Good to know:

Keep in mind that some blockchain systems charge for gas (gas is a fee that some blockchains charge for making changes to your data) at the time of purchase, so the final cost may be different and will be indicated in the wallet window.
After that, you should wait a few more seconds for the postcard to be indexed and become yours. You may wonder why it takes so long. The thing is, that it is not just transferring a file from one owner to another. These changes are being made to the blockchain system which require a lot of computation - that is why the process takes time.

Where are the purchased postcards stored?

Indexation is ended. What is next? Press on the human icon in the upright corner and select the menu "Profile". Your personal account will open. There is an "Owned" tab. That is where all the postcards you have bought are kept. Now you are their owner and you can dispose them as you wish.