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Postcards are slightly moving just below. Each card must have its picture, name of the collection, amount of cards with this image (general quantity and how many items are left), creator's name, which blockchain was used, and the price.
If you press three dots, the submenu will appear, with help of it you can:
  1. 1.
    Buy a card now;
  2. 2.
    Share the link on social media;
  3. 3.
    Open the original image in a new tab;
  4. 4.
    Report an error.
Also, there's a Refresh Metadata button - click on it, if a picture of the postcard was opened not properly or the information about the collection, creator, or price is displayed not fully.

Why can it be uploaded not completely?

The thing is that the process of NFT minting takes time and there are cases when NFT is created, but the information has not been pinned yet. So sometimes you need to refresh Metadata (Metadata is the information and picture itself)

Explore All

Button Explore all will forward you to the page with all postcards. Don't worry if you get lost among all diversity of cards, because we predicted it and had done suitable filters for sorting and searching for the required card.

Top Collections and Creators

Top Collections

The next section is Top Collections. Here you can select amid new, the most popular and the most sold, the most expensive, or the cheapest collections. Collections are convenient due to the choice of several postcards in a similar style or on a particular topic, saving your time and effort on the search.
Each collection's card consists of its name, the name of the creator and the amount of NFTs into it. The total price of all collection and the percent.
Tapped Explore all below Top Collections, you can observe all collections those are were created on our platform.

Top Creators

Further, you can get familiar with Top Creators. Likewise, you sort them depending on prices, frequency of purchasing, likes, and favorites. Open their profiles and see the works. They were added to the top section knowingly! Hence, you can find card for yourself, that will be a perfect present. As in other cases, the button Explore all allows you to view all creators and choose between them.

Creating NFTs

If while browsing all these magnificent and positive works, you got a feeling to do something alike, especially for you we placed a banner with buttons Create item, that forwards you to NFT creating form directly.
Good to know:
Learn how to create an NFT here.
The footer is the last thing that it left to familiarize you with. Footer is the site section that is located in the bottom.
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Just imagine the world of a holiday card, and you are an avid traveler, who discovers a territory of holidays, greetings, inspiration, and fun.