When you look through the cards in Explore menu, you will open a page with handy tools for selecting the card you want. Now we are going to talk about filtering.
If you don't have strict requirements and you would like to find a unique and creative postcard, or while searching there are too many variants, filtering and sorting will be an excellent solution for you.

By blockchain type

You need to decide which blockchain is used for the card. You should choose the same blockchain that you selected in your wallet when you were authorizing on the site. Otherwise, you will be warned that you are connected to a different network when you try to buy a card.

By type and format

Thanks to this type of sorting you can choose the format of postcards like Stories in vertical 9x16 format or cards of any size and format. You can also pick static or animated cards in this filter.

Filter by tags

This kind of sorting allows you to display only postcards with appropriate tags like it is not necessarily a holiday, it can be a memorable event, mood, or even a style.

For Sale/Not for Sale Filter

Not all postcards are put up for sale instantly. Nevertheless, they are also displayed on the site. You can view new items, bookmark your favorites and follow their fate in the future. To see all the Not for Sale postcards, select the "For Sale Status" filter, then "Not for Sale". This filter can also help you select only those postcards that are for sale (Buy now).

Price Filter

Let’s conclude this section with a very important "Price" filter. It will allow you to select only postcards that are in your price range. Click on it, select a cryptocurrency from the drop-down list, specify the price "from" and "to" and click Apply - only those postcards that match selected characteristics will be displayed.