NFT Pass

What is Cruzo?

​Cruzo is the first Web3 marketing platform and NFT marketplace where you can create, buy and sell NFT greeting cards, give and receive cryptocurrency gifts, and party goods in Metaverse.

What is Cruzo’s Ecosystem?

Cruzo’s ecosystem is all in one: it includes several platforms and tools. For example, a Web3 Marketing platform, NFT marketplace, Launchpad, Creators Studio, and so on. In a further, they will be united in one Ecosystem.

What is NFT pass? Is buying this pass worth it?

Cruzo’s NFT pass is an exclusive membership that has a variety of benefits for its holder. Only 500 lucky holders will get the maximum from our Ecosystem. We strongly believe that the advantages of holding Cruzo NFT Pass will definitely pay off the investments and its value will grow with every Milestone we’ve passed. It is a good investment if you truly believe in the commercial success of Cruzo startup and are ready to follow us on that journey.

Can I get NFT Pass for Free?

Yes, you can. We have selected several NFTs on each round to reward the most active community: members, bloggers, influencers, etc. Follow our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for Free Mints or Giveaways.

How many sales rounds do you have?

We divided our mint event into four rounds. Each round has its own allocation quantity. Below is detailed information on each round.

How do you select allowlist winners?

Everyone who registered in the whitelist before NFT Pass Mint day (Round 1 — November 1, 2022 at 02:00 PM UTC) is eligible to participate and will be added to the allowlist. Once we have announced that the Mint is started, you can visit the mint page, connect your Metamask wallet, and click on the “Mint” button. If your address is in the allowlist you will be able to mint.

How to mint the NFT pass?

First come, first served. As an allowlist winner, we can’t guarantee you a mint, because everyone who registered in the whitelist is eligible to mint his or her NFT Pass on a Mint Day (November 1, 2022 at 02:00 PM UTC). You can mint the NFT pass on our special mint page:​
To increase your chances of success, follow the next steps: 1. Have enough ETH in your crypto wallet for mint transactions; 2. Visit the mint page on November 1 at 02:00 PM UTC; 3. Connect your Metamask wallet and mint your NFT Pass; 4. Congratulations! You are in the Club.

How will mint be performed?

Follow the next steps:
  1. 1.
    Register the Whitelist to participate;
  2. 2.
    Check your email if you are on the allowlist;
  3. 3.
    Get a Metamask wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain;
  4. 4.
    Have enough ETH in your crypto wallet for mint transactions & gas fee;
  5. 5.
    Wait for Mint day and visit the mint page;
  6. 6.
    Connect your wallet and mint your NFT Pass;
  7. 7.
    Congratulations! You are in the Club.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?

Each time a secondary sale happens, the smart contract ensures that the terms of the NFT are fulfilled and you will be charged 10% of its cost. Royalties will be used as extra small income for Cruzo Ecosystem development.

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

You can mint up to 3 NFTs per single wallet.

Where can I see my NFT pass after the mint?

After the mint, you can see/add an NFT pass to your Metamask wallet. After the Public round, you can see it on popular Marketplaces including Cruzo NFT Marketplace.

Can I hold more than one CRUZO NFT Pass?

By the mint rules, you can buy no more than 3 NFT passes for one wallet. If you mint 2 or 3 NTFs, you can hold them for your friends or colleagues, or resell them after a public round as a good investment.

Can I sell or transfer NFT pass?

Yes, after the Public round.

What are the funds being used for?

We are an earlier-stage Web3 startup. For us, these NFT pass sales are the same as crowdfunding. With our community support, we can do much more. Тogether we are stronger! All the funds from the NFT pass sale will go to development, improving services and tools that we provide, marketing, and salaries for employees.

What will you do with unsold NFTs?

If we do not sell Round allocation, all unsold NFTs will be moved to further round and minted for the new round price.

If I don’t want to be a member any longer, can I sell my NFT Pass? If so, how?

Yes, you can do it on a popular marketplace, which we will select before the public round, follow the announced news to know.

I have additional questions. Where can I ask them?

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